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Rebooting Your Business after CoVid-19

Survival, Rebooting, Disruption and Pivoting your business model post COVID19

Rebooting Your Business

Managing a business is tough at the best of times and most business owners or investors have built so much resilience in their business models , operational processes and their teams to survive many downturns. However, the challenges facing businesses in these times are far from the norm and whilst there’s a little bit of elasticity in the financial markets, most sectors including the investments that follow them are diminishing by the day.

For this reason, we are reaching out to business owners, especially, small to medium size businesses with a turnover of less that £250,000.00 to help them plan, adapt, reboot and where necessary, pivot their businesses in order to draw up a new business model to help them disrupt the current sector models and diversify.

Benefits of One-to-One Coaching in Business Development

Product and Services Validation

The difference between those that succeed with this process and those that don’t is consistency, adaptation, learning and applying the knowledge effectively.

After all, business is about solving problems. At best, it seeks to bridge a gap in the market place by finding a match between a product (or solution) and a segment in the market.

At ThinkBiznes™, we understand the challenges faced by founders as they navigate the process of business development and we can help make that journey seamless.

One of the most expensive mistakes that businesses can make is developing products or services that customers don’t want.

In order to mitigate this risk, most successful businesses have processes in place that are designed to avoid wasting money on ideas that have not met the market validation criteria, and learn from potentially costly missteps early on in the product development cycle.

We walk you through the entire process from concept to product through product development to gaining market traction and regain your business’ position.

A Start-Up Guide to Product Validation

Our Business Development Courses, Programmes and Support is designed to walk you through your business development process, fro ideation through to grwoth.

Your Personal Success

We invest time and deploy the most appropriate resources, business expertise and current market data to help you bridge your skills gap, focus on your journey in bringing your ideas to life and build your venture.

and Business Growth

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Your Blueprint

The Problem We’re Trying To Solve

Our coaching methodology has so far, helped several hundred entrepreneurs and our Quantum Accelerator Programme is being scaled to help hundreds and thousands more with a modest estimated combined investment of $500ml by 2025.

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    June 2022

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    Hear from our great community of entrepreneurs, business owners, partners and friends.

    Keeping up with the changing needs of our customers demands a consistent adjustment to align with customer expectations. Working with ThinkBiznes, we have developed a valuable process and tool to help us gauge and map out our customer journeys and how best to improve their experiences at every stage of interaction.

    Jenny Jones

    The fastest response time to my inquiries: Don’t compromise on the reliability of your business partners as it makes a big difference between speed and efficiency. ThinkBiznes as a partner has helped my business develop and sustain a business model fit for the 21st Century – adapting to the needs of the changing needs of our customers with our on-demand service delivery and I recommend their expertise and services.

    Ella Dean
    CEO, Founder

    The most important part of my role is maintaining a communication link between our product development team and our customers. ThinkBiznes was able to help the team understand and apply actionable insights to support the development of new services and potential adaption by the market.

    Alex Richmonds

    Some of our Clients and Partners

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    June 2022

    Free Coaching Session at TheBiznesClub™.

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    Use this space to indicate why you and your business must be included in our programme.

    Quantum “Accelerator” Membership Features – TheBiznesClub™.

    In this programme, founders or teams follow a structured, methodological process in a “sandboxed” environment as they develop and build their ventures.

    You will be guided through designing and running experiments to (in)validate and de-risk most of the business assumptions for desirability, viability, and feasibility.

    This “Sprint” mode, ensures and assures you the best chance of success as you develop, launch, (scale) and accelerate your route to market.

    Here are a few questions to help you assess key elements in scoping the context and expectations of the accelerator programme;

        • What type of business are you looking to accelerate? Are it focused on existing category or new products/offerings?
        • What are the levels of decisions and who makes them? Consider which of four operating models is most suitable, based on the desired level of independence and autonomy.
        • Who are your customers? How well do you know the industry and market segment? Are you exploiting and unmet need or bridging a white space?
        • What are your current resources in terms of people (Skills) and budget? How much capacity of availability can you dedicate to this project?
        • Do you have a set team in place or are you a Solopreneur? Will you or the team have prior knowledge about the project, or be multidisciplinary in task management?


    TheBiznesClub™ Quantum Accelerator Membership is suited to Business Founders and Entrepreneurs looking to accelerate their business development process to get to market.

    It is structured to develop, test, and grow new business ideas in a few months outside of organisational processes, structures and staggered deliverables.

    It is designed to be intensive, highly-structured sprint coaching sessions through the build innovation cycles. Here, teams deep dive into specific topics by prototyping, testing, and validating with live customer feedback.

    You will have access to a mentor – with availability outside the programme window.

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