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Starting Up in Business

Avoiding the missteps and costly mistakes associated with starting up in business.

Your Journey begins with your Purpose

Let’s Start With Your Why

Starting a business from an Idea can be an exciting but equally daunting process. The difference between those that succeed on this journey and those that don’t is consistency, adaptation, learning and applying the knowledge effectively.

Business is about solving problems. At best, it seeks to bridge a gap in the market place by finding a match between a product (or solution) and a segment in the market.

At ThinkBiznes™, we understand the challenges faced by founders as they navigate the process of business development and we can help make that journey seamless.

By starting with your “WHY”, we are better able to advice and support you in visualising and designing your business.

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Uncover Your Why

The ThinkBiznes™ Quantum Accelerator Programme

At ThinkBiznes™, one of the best practices that we encourage across our coaching methodology is adoption of a Growth Mindset. We coach you to “Think Differently” – helping you connect the dots between your purpose, values and business proposition with a keen focus on building a business that can continue to create value and make a difference.

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The Idea or Opportunity

Mapping your Idea to develop a Business Concept.

Ideating – It is the creative process of generating, developing and communicating new ideas that are understood to be visual, abstract or concrete – a crucial first part of the business design process where those ideas can later be turned into a business concept.

All business concepts starts with an ideation process. This is the very first exercise which seeks to identify the source of motivation for the business idea. It draws on insights, experiences, imagination, inspiration or passion.

During the Idea transformation stages, the most prominent ones (that usually make it to the concept stage) are the ones that can be evidenced either through (available) data or identifiable market gap analysis.

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Your Personal Success
and Business Growth

We invest time and deploy the most appropriate resources, business expertise and current market data to help you bridge your skills gap, focus on your journey in bringing your ideas to life and build your venture.

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Researching and Validating the concept

Making your Ideas and Vision a reality.

Ideating your business idea starts with understanding the problem you’re trying to solve.

Is your business Idea based on;

  • 1. Recognising a need
  • 2. Improving an existing Product or Service
  • 3. Recognising a trend
  • 4. Enhancing an experience
  • 5. Questioned assumptions

At ThinkBiznes™, we walk you through the entire process from defining your purpose, mission, concept development, through market research, product development, branding, marketing and finding your first customer or client.

If you are thinking about or in the process of starting a business and would like to avoid wasting money, time and costly missteps that could crush your vision and purpose, then talk to us.

We’ve saved so many entrepreneurs the headache and heartache and our past and current clients have not looked back.

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