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Thailand’s e-commerce queens offer survival tips for small businesses

Maneerat Anulomsombut, CEO of Sea Thailand, the operator of the e-commerce platform Shopee, said Covid-19 has accelerated Thailand’s online shopping trend as merchants adopt the new technology.

She said 81 per cent of Thai small and medium enterprises (SMEs) are using the e-commerce ecosystem to overcome Covid-19 by reaching more customers outside their local areas.

“Thai SMEs have also witnessed increases of up to 370 per cent in total sales after shifting to e-commerce, while 82 per cent of SMEs reported an increase in household income due to e-commerce,” she said.

She added that Sea Thailand is supporting micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) via Shopee in three ways:

First by helping them set up on the e-commerce platform, then by handing them the Shopee tools and technology to grow their business, and finally by opening doors to new markets in Shopee’s Southeast Asia network.

Thailand’s e-commerce queens offer survival tips for small businesses

Jamie Brennan, head of Amazon Global Selling Thailand, said e-commerce offered entrepreneurs short cuts for exporting their products.

She also had four pieces of advice for Thais who want to use e-commerce to reach foreign markets:

  • Understand the overseas market and evaluate the potential of product categories.
  • Evaluate the competition via the current top brands.
  • Monitor dynamic changes of brands to seek the key factors for success and failure of leading brands so as to replicate their success and avoid pitfalls.
  • Observe changes in consumers’ preference through trending products.


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