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Helping Businesses Grow And Scale

Strategies for 2020

Our 2020 Vision is to help as many entrepreneurs and business owners as possible to improve their operational capacity and increase profitability and build sustainability.

The Countdown Begins

Helping Businesses Meet the needs of Demand Economics

In keeping with our core value proposition – “helping business owners, teams and entrepreneurs make better business decisions”, we’ve been working with one of our partners to design and develop a proprietary software RubixCube which makes it easier for businesses to digitise their operational models – enabling them to create a snapshot of their current business state, identify gaps and be able to focus their resources where it’s needed most.

Why RubiXCube

One of the most expensive mistakes that Entrepreneurs/Business Owners make is developing products that customers don’t want.   As an entrepreneur or business owner, sometimes, finding the right people or target market demographic subsets to invest (their time) in your business idea, can be difficult.   Continuing to create value and build successful customer journeys to guarantee the best chance of growth and sustainability is another challenge.   Another challenge most businesses face is identifying and designing a strong value proposition together with validated data, business opportunity, revenue potential and data collateral when pitching for investment.

How RubiXCube Can Help

  • In order to mitigate the risks associated with invalidated products, most successful businesses have processes in place that are designed to avoid wasting money on ideas that have not met the market validation criteria, and to learn from potentially costly missteps early on in the product development cycle.
  • At ThinkBiznes™, one of the best practices that we encourage across our coaching methodology is the establishment of (PVIG’s) – Product Validation Interest Group with a specific aim of helping you Validate Your Product or Service before the final MVP Development Phase. RubiXCube helps you assemble, manage and deploy processes that will help you achieve this.
  • RubiXCube helps you assemble all the necessary information about your business that is required when designing and building your value proposition – an important part of your business pitch, pattern-recognition and validated data – helping you avoid the usual trap of “pitch” jargon, and focus on conversational language that plays to the expectations of great investor judgment

Over the last five years, we have captured the collective wisdom of venture investors (including angel investors, and venture capitalists), analysed how they make informed decisions and what influences the decision making processes beyond awesome presentations and team credibility.


Whether you’re starting out or growing a business, we can help in several ways, from Venture Coaching, Strategy Development or Marketing for Growth, we work closely with you and alongside your team to build processes that will impact your business in a positive way and help drive performance and the bottom-line. We understand how comparative data across the business model innovative principles and portfolio analysis plays a part in the decision making process.   As part of our mission, purpose and values – “To help Businesses continue Creating Value”, we’re giving away a select number of services for FREE to help Businesses get ahead with their 2020 Goals.   To WIN any of these FREE Services, complete and submit the application below before the 30th January 2020. Entries will be drawn at the close of business on the 30th January 2020 and the winners will be notified.
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Our expertise in developing sustainable business models, customer success journeys and growth marketing strategies puts us at an advantage when it comes to extracting and analysing data that can be then be used to map out valuable insights to expose trends and highlight challenges, for which we are able to provide direction and practical help to take advantage of and solve.

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