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A 21st Century Business Consultancy

Helping you build, scale and grow

Having worked with over a 1,000 startups, 180 seasoned investors and several business development partners, we fully understand the problem businesses and teams face when it comes to adapting to the demand economy, sustaining market share and growth

We Are Rebooting…!

Riding the Focus Wheel

Over the years, we have been focused on coaching entrepreneurs and business founders to build sustainable businesses that can withstand global challenges and meet the future needs of the market. To this end, we have worked with hundreds of startups and businesses from Ideation stages through to growth.

As the world changes, so must we. All our venture coaching services will be handled via our online service model at TheBiznesLab™, and ThinkBiznes™ will be re-structuring it’s services to focus on helping SME’s, especially. those whose business has been severely affected by the current global events. We will share our strategies and service offering in the coming days and weeks.

More About Us

We focus on bringing clarity to business intelligence and develop actionable insights to help business owners  make decisions that work.

We’re a business consultancy and venture coaching agency, building brands that matter and solving some of the biggest challenges facing business owners and entrepreneurs.

With more than five years of knowledge and expertise. We work with people who are as dedicated to their craft and passionate about making a difference and our work is guaranteed with our core values of honesty, hard work, and trust.


The Business Accelerator Programme

The Quantum Accelerator Programme, delivered with our proprietary Business Modelling and Coaching Framework, Concept 6® – can be accessed here.

We would like to thank all the entrepreneurs, business founders and teams that have been a part of our journey and we hope to continue to be of service to you as you and your businesses evolve and continue to create value to make a difference and profits.

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We build human to human relationships as part of our value system and work with you apply strategies that drive predictable results, personal and business growth through optimization and improved performance.

Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and business owners make use of business intelligence when making strategic decisions about their businesses and enable them focus on the important details that will help them grow in their knowledge and their business to increase their investment returns.

At ThinkBiznes we’ve earned a reputation for providing a clear and unambiguous coaching strategy that empowers founders with the mindset, attitude and insights they need to dominate in today’s hyper-competitive business climate.

What we do differently…

Unlearn, Learn, Adapt, Apply and Repeat

As a 21st Century Consultancy based Venture Coaching & Business
Development partner, we focus on providing simple, yet, effective and proven strategies that can be applied in any business environment to build sustainability, accelerate growth and increase the bottom line.

Our proven coaching and strategy development methodologies are based on scientific disciplines of leadership psychology, decision-making, social and cognitive behavioral economics.

We are able to tailor all the outcomes developed straight out of the coaching setting and apply them to the business environment by creating repeatable and consistent actionable processes that empowers both leaders and decision makers to develop the confidence and influence their own actions.

We can help in most areas of challenges from product or process development to strategy design or execution – bringing clarity to data to develop actionable insights that can be utilised to the advantage of your business so, if you’d like to explore how we can help you, your business or teams to improve performance and productivity, feel free to Get In Touch .


If you’ve also been trying to figure out a way to grow your business, perhaps, expand into new territories or find new innovative partners and can’t seem to find a way, let’s talk about it. Feel free to reach out .


Roland Gilbertson

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Roland Gilbertson


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Hear from our great community of entrepreneurs, business owners, partners and friends.

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Keeping up with the changing needs of our customers demands a consistent adjustment to align with customer expectations. Working with ThinkBiznes, we have developed a valuable process and tool to help us gauge and map out our customer journeys and how best to improve their experiences at every stage of interaction.

Jenny Jones

The fastest response time to my inquiries: Don’t compromise on the reliability of your business partners as it makes a big difference between speed and efficiency. ThinkBiznes as a partner has helped my business develop and sustain a business model fit for the 21st Century – adapting to the needs of the changing needs of our customers with our on-demand service delivery and I recommend their expertise and services.

Ella Dean
CEO, Founder

The most important part of my role is maintaining a communication link between our product development team and our customers. ThinkBiznes was able to help the team understand and apply actionable insights to support the development of new services and potential adaption by the market.

Alex Richmonds

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July 2022

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