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Business Accelerator
The Quantum® Programme

Dedicated to Entrepreneurs and Business Founders on a mission to Build, Deploy and Activate their businesses within Six Months.

The Quantum Accelerator Programme

The ThinkBiznes™ Quantum Programme is designed to accelerate your business from Concept to Launch in 6months. It is delivered using our proprietary Business Modelling and Coaching Framework, Concept 6® – developed by ourselves and our partners.

Accelerating Your Business’ Success

ThinkBiznes™ has launched Quantum®, our Business Accelerator to support entrepreneurs and business founders looking to sprint their business to get to market.

We invest time and money in ambitious founders and teams, helping and supporting them with business expertise, resources and access to find equity partners, other founders to fill their skills gap, ideas, product and business model development plus the necessary requirements to start and build their venture.

Our coaching methodology has so far, helped several hundred entrepreneurs and the accelerator programme will be scaled to help hundreds and thousands more with a modest estimated combined investment of $500ml by 2025.

Why Quantum®

The Problem We’re Trying To Solve

Most accelerators and business incubators have been built around Technology and FinTech Startups, leaving behind many industries rife for disruption and innovation.

We are on a mission to enable as many entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs as possible, to change the way they think, act and see the world around them to be empowered to focus on areas and industries within which they can positively impact by bringing new innovative ways to do things and build businesses that can make a difference and profits.

We will be the catalyst for these entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs to find new ways to develop their business, local economies and communities.

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Answering The Call

We understand what it’s like to start and scale businesses from ideas because we – and the 100+ founders we’ve coached and supported – have all been there.

The Quantum® Programme is designed to accelerate your business from Concept to Launch in 6 months, structured to develop, test, and grow new business ideas outside of the standard business ideation and organisational processes, structures and staggered deliverables.

It is intensive, highly-structured sprint coaching sessions staged through the build innovation cycles. Here, teams deep dive into specific topics by prototyping, testing, and validating with live feedback.

It also provides a unique opportunity for founders to learn from each other, share, and collaborate on even terms. Through this process, we hope to make smart introductions with unfettered access to collaborations, feedback and our blueprint of tried and tested strategies you can apply to your business.

With regular events, effective networks and support systems, our founder community will be one of your greatest assets.

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Yours for the Journey

As we embark on this journey together,  we are reminded that some of the most entrepreneurial and ambitious people are held back by conventional thinking – stuck in the corporate and cultural employment system. They are ticketed and persuaded into joining “prestigious” corporate or top academic institutions – where their own personal growth is tapered to be slow and steady – thus nurturing their limiting beliefs  – preventing them from being what they can be and achieve beyond titles and incentives.

We help you create new norms and exist to support you break those limits.

We’re extending an offer to those – “Outlier individuals” – with ideas to grasp the opportunity to venture into the world of “Doing – Building Beyond Limits” entrepreneurship and start their own company using their expertise, knowledge, ability to create and most importantly, ambition to make a difference and have a lasting, powerful impact.

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Your Personal Success

The hardest part of starting up is surrounding yourself with smart, passionate people with the best tools and strategy to help you execute on your idea. This is how you’ll build the confidence to take giant leaps toward creating a business, becoming a founder and getting your products to market.

and Business Growth

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Here When You Need Help

Many entrepreneurs and business founders find themselves spending way too much time, effort and resources when designing or building their business.

For most, it takes years before the business (idea/concepts) starts to take shape, while for others, “Mission Creep” sets in – and they lose motivation – which in itself, leads to loss of enthusiasm, passion and emotional commitment and consequently, doubt and eventually, abandoning their goal and mission.

Over the years, many entrepreneurs and business founders have given up on some very innovative and great ideas only to discover someone else has been successful in taking the same concept to market.

If this has happened to you or sounds like how you’re feeling right now, then the Quantum Accelerator Programme is for you?

I am here to personally support you through the process and will offer you access to a network of industry professionals who bring an immense wealth of knowledge and business wisdom to help you make smart and courageous decisions on your journey.

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Hi, I’m Roland Gilbertson, and my passion is “Motivating People To Get Results”.

As a Business Analyst, Venture Coach & Growth Marketing Consultant, I specialise in Business Modelling, Product Development and Digital Marketing – working with a select group of investors, (Angels and VC’s) to provide quality deal flow.

Over the last five years, I’ve coached some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs, Business owners and teams on a range of business operational topics and at various stages of their business’ cycle.

Let’s start a conversation about helping you to get started on your journey…

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