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Quantum Accelerator Programme® – From Idea to Market

Coaching a New Breed of Entrepreneurs

The ThinkBiznes™ Quantum Accelerator® Programme is our transformational coaching programme built on years’ of experience, programmatically exploring agile methodologies that incorporates the acceleration of the model canvas development – underpinned by processes of team building, development and experiential skills analysis required to build and grow a business.

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Why it works…

The Quantum Accelerator Programme is designed you take your business from Idea to Market.

During the programme, you will experience immersive coaching sessions that focuses on preparing you to excel beyond “Mission Readiness”, participate in collaborative “SPRINT” sessions, intrinsic motivation and hands-on activities with experts providing feedback which forms the basis of your business model development, product validation process and creating your MVP .

The goal of our Program is to accelerate the generation of an entrepreneurial mindset for all founders that want to aggressively focus on executing their ideas to get to market in good time.

  1. The first Module of the programme consisting of 4hr sessions a week, we immerse you into the world of concepts and hypothesis development, analysis and disecting your business idea to tease out concepts or potential products/services with a strong value proposition for further evaluation and validation.
  2. We then transition into the product/service development phase, this is where we walk you through the customer needs study and market opportunities. We then deep dive into segmentation and channels, assessing the changing needs of your potential customers and the market size to enable you to design and develop a customer success strategy before testing your product or service for fitness.
  3. You will again be immersed into part two of the coaching session during a “Sprint” session, where we look for possible scalable patterns and opportunities within the market and target customer demographics. During this phase, you may pivot several times as the product and services are put through testing and you (in the driving seat) are challenged to make crucial decisions about the direction of your business.
  4. We then build a model or framework for moving forward with the branding and marketing strategies including, actionable plans for execution with a review timetable and benchmarks for measuring proficiency.

How it works…

The Programme is divided into ten Modules with each module to be completed within a week. All the coaching sessions are planned over 4 hours (which are delivered as a block or hourly sessions, but must be completed within a 5 day period. These sessions are segmented into four sections :

  1. 1. An hour to frame the challenge or opportunity and provide context and background
    2. Two hours as a working session to develop (contextual) solutions
    3. An hour to wrap things up into a deliverable or a framework to guide further work

Consultations and planned sessions may include, but is not limited to:

  1. 1. Framing the overall strategy for discussions
    2. Developing A Situation Analysis around the subject or topic
    3. Creating a discussion plan to map out solution channels
    4. Brainstorming assumptions to tease out or marry with existing data
    5. Architecting a solution strategy
    6. Crafting a unique and workable solution that is differentiated and compelling
    7. Creating benchmarks to measure effectiveness for reviews

Make sure you reserve you place and join the next cohort of entrepreneurs on their journey to become “Mission Ready”.

Initial assessment includes a 30mins consultation to explore potential opportunities for working together and your readiness to participate in this exciting but immersive programme.

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We’re building a community of Founders, Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and Investors. By joining our community, you become part of the family with a shared vision of building excellence in business…

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Roland Gilbertson


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How to make the most of  the programme

Over the last five years, I’ve coached some of the most inspiring entrepreneurs, Business owners and teams on a range of business operational topics and at various stages of their business’ cycle.


I have had the unique perspective of being both a coach and a coachee. I like to create a safe environment for the coachee to be open/vulnerable, listen intently without judgment, ask meaningful and thought-provoking questions, ensure next steps are in place and much more.


To get the most out of your coaching investment be prepared and focused. It will help you use your time with your coach more efficiently and effectively. Coaching works best when the coachee is fully invested in the engagement, open to exploring new ideas through critically thinking, gain new perspectives, be supported, challenged, inspired, encouraged and ready to change and reach new levels.


If you’d like to explore how I can help you, your business or teams to improve performance and productivity, feel free to drop me a line .

Roland Gilbertson

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