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Small Business
Survival Guide

Critical Advice for Small to Medium Sized Businesses during and post CoronaVirus (COVOID-19) and beyond.

In times of Change – We will be here to help

Dedicated to helping businesses founders and teams to disrupt their Industry and Scale through diversification.

What We Do

We help entrepreneurs, business founders and teams to avoid wasting time and money on designing products, services or developing costly processes that does not return on investment, but, rather, focus on building stuff that wow’s their customers and can be scaled to grow the business, make a profit and a difference.

Developing Smart Ideas

Business Advice

Making Smart Decisions

Business Strategy

Creating Smart Processes

Business Modelling

More Help For You and Your Business

Free Resources and Sessions for Business Owners, Founders and Teams

Most industries and business models will not survive the pandemic and others will see a long-term down-turn. With our in-house Business analysis and modelling tools, we are able to map the survival, retention capacity and growth patterns for most industries and for your business.

Business Strategy

Covid-19 Survival Kit

Advice and support to help you adapt to the changing business landscapes  and how to survive the pandemic crisis and it’s aftermath.

Business Marketing

New Marketing Models

As times change, businesses will have to adopt a new way of building trust with their customers. We share insights and new marketing models to help you get ahead of the marketing curve.

Business Strategy

Digital Transformation

Most businesses struggle to adopt innovative processes that can help with new products, services or process development. We help you accelerate Digital Transformation models that can help you build confidence within your teams and with partners.

Some of our Clients and Partners

Coaching and Mentoring VC4A

Simple Effective And Proven Strategies For Business Success and Growth

We create a Step-By-Step process to help you drive you engineer your business’ growth and get to market. Let’s talk about how we can help you revolutionise your brand and validate your business – ready for market.

1. About Your Business - Step 1 of 5

1. About Your Business