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COVID-19 Recovery Kit

Survive, Re-Boot, Disrupt and Pivot

Accelerating Digital transformation to meet the challenges of the New Demand Economy 2.0.

Managing a business is tough at the best of times and most business owners, founders, entrepreneurs and investors would have built some level of resilience in their business processes, models and teams to survive downturns. However, the challenges facing businesses in these times are far from the norm and whilst there’s some level of elasticity in the financial markets, most industry sectors, including the investments that follow them have diminished over the last 6 months.

Benefits of One-to-One Coaching in Business Development

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For this reason, we are launching a Business ‘”Re”Boot Programme to help business owners, especially, startups and small to medium size businesses with a turnover of less that £150,000.00 to re-calibrate their business, models and processes in order to adapt to the changing market landscapes and meet the challenges of the new demand economy.

ReBoot Programme

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    The “Re”Boot Programme

    Building Resilience into your Business Model for a post COVID19 resurgence.

    Being at the right place at the right time with the right product/services alone is simply not enough. Having a long term approach and planning will help any business of any size to navigate the new demand economy landscape and see growth opportunities.

    In order to mitigate future risks, most businesses will have to rethink their business models, accelerate digital transformation and build seamless processes that places the customer journey experience at the heart of their business. Avoid wasting money on old ideas that have not met the current market validation criteria, and learn from potentially costly missteps early on in the downturn.

    The ThinkBiznes™ ReBoot Programme is dedicated to providing strategic business support for startups and small to medium size businesses with a focus on re-calibrating the business model where necessary, developing new processes by adopting and accelerating digital transformation modalities in order to adapt to the changing market landscapes and meet the challenges of the new demand economy.

    To participate in this new programme, complete and submit the form below. The deadline for applications is December 12th 2020. All applications will be acknowledged and successful businesses will be notified of their start date.

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