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Restart Festival

Onward & Upwards

A presentation for Restart Festival 2020.

I am very grateful to my long time mentor and friend John Burroughes for giving me the opportunity to join an amazing line of panelists to make a contribution at the New Anglia Restart Festival 2020 – sharing our experiences and lessons of continuity of moving ONWARDS AND UPWARDS during and post the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please take a look here for further information – Restart Festival

John, not only feels that we can help and inspire each other as business owners, Founders and the self-employed to work together to get to the other side of this, but also, how to ensure we come out of it much better.

a list of the panelists are available here – BiteTheCherry.

The Blueprint

In representation, I aim to share some insights on the topic of Digital Transformation, Business Models and Growth Marketing relative to the current pandemic era and how businesses can best prepare in order to adapt to the changing economic landscapes and the emergence of the Demand economy 2.0.

Below, I have outlined some excepts of what I will be sharing/talking about and I hope you find it useful.

If you’d like to discuss this or any other topics relevant to you or your business, feel free to drop me a line or schedule a call with me for a chat.

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Roland Gilbertson

My Passion is motivating people to get results.

I am open to connecting. I’m very passionate about helping business owners, founders and entrepreneurs solve problems and would love to start a conversation about your business ideas and goals. Feel free to schedule a call or simply get in touch with any inquiries you may have.

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A Rising Tide

Managing a business is tough at the best of times and most business owners, founders, entrepreneurs and investors have built so much resilience in their business processes, models and teams to survive many downturns. However, the challenges facing businesses in these times are far from the norm and whilst there’s a little bit of elasticity in the financial markets, most sectors including the investments that follow them have diminished over the last 6 months.

Timing Is Everything

Timing in business is usually determined by a number of factors. For most part, it can be sheer luck, however, forecasting ahead and building resilience in your business could be a life saver and may determine whether your business can survive a downturn or die.

Always be prepared for eventualities

Anticipate changes before they happen

See every challenge as an opportunity

Navigating the Sink-Hole

The difference between those that succeed and those that don’t in these difficult and changing times is consistency, adaptation, learning and applying the knowledge effectively.

After all, business is about solving problems. At best, it seeks to bridge a gap in the market place by finding a match between a product (or solution) and a segment in the market. De-risking this process requires a deeper understanding of the marketplace and the changing needs of your customers.

Being at the right place at the right time with the right product/services alone is not enough. Having a long term approach and planning will help any business of any size to navigate the new demand economy landscape and see growth opportunities.

Building Resilience

In order to mitigate future risks, most businesses will have to rethink their business models, accelerate digital transformation and build seamless processes that places the customer journey experience at the heart of their business. Avoid wasting money on old ideas that have not met the current market validation criteria, and learn from potentially costly missteps early on in the downturn.

Playing the long game

Using data to accelerate digitisation

Innovate process, product and presence

Predictions for a Post Pandemic Recovery

Most business owners (especially, small ones), have been overwhelmed by the whole pandemic experience and goes without saying, that businesses have been severely impacted. At the point of panic, many forgot their customers still needed the services they provided, all be it, with the changes, customers just wanted to know their trusted brands were there to share the experiences and to de-risk their interaction whilst ensuring they still got served.

As a business owner, it’s incumbent on you to De-risk that experiences by communicating what your doing to ensure they still get that they needed.

De-Risking The Experience

How has technology enabled your sustainability efforts?
What are the trends you’re noticing around your industry and marketplace?
How are you considering Up-skilling and re-skilling your work force and how does this impact your business decisions?

Playing the Long Game

It’s about staying calm and asking a few critical questions. Most small businesses are very short term focused, and for good reason. Truth is the reason they stay in the competitive zone is because they are not innovating with their space. Innovation doesn’t have to have all the bells and whistles. It starts with a shift in mindset.

It’s about repositioning your business to capitalise on the opportunities within the market and the changing landscape.

Digital Transformation - Key to recovery & growth

Increased adoption of multi-channel marketing

Adapting to consumer behaviour & changing needs

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